Saturday, December 3, 2011

See what happens when you play with matches.

Well folks, how do you like how the "Arab Spring" thingy is turning out? Seems like the Moslem Brotherhood and an even more radical Islamic fundamental group are going to be the big winners in the Egyptian elections. Can we say Taliban or Iranian like government? Yep, that is surely a victory for democracy!
Meanwhile, roving gangs of armed "Rebels" are now in charge of most of Libya. Really did a bang up job didn't we? We lit this brush fire. Guess, it didn't quite go like the brains in Washington planned it. Or did it? How do we blame this on Bush?

Friday, October 21, 2011

When does it stop?

Yesterday, it was announced that Moammar Kaddafi had been killed in our undeclared war against him. Hell of a no-fly zone operation, wouldn't you say? Aren't you proud? Of course no one seems to be paying attention to the thousands of Libyans that were killed by our brave forces before we finally got him, eight month after we started this mess and at an estimated cost of one and a half billion dollars. Cheap for a war. We can't afford to take care of needy Americans, but we can afford to spend billions on seeming colonialist ambitions. We are still the bullies in the world playground and the rest of the U.N. hasn't got the guts to stop us. We're still fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Columbia, Mexico, and now Uganda. Someone needs to tell the Chicago Gang Banger and his legislative eunuchs that he ain't Nero and that this isn't Rome. They need to do it now!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

How do you like the "Change".

The new guy just ran into the 60 day rule in the "War Powers Act". If the Congress and the Senate do not approve the committal of US troops within 60 days from the date the President actually commits them, the troops must be removed from that area in 30 days. American service men, on the order of this president, March 21, 2011 attacked military and civilian installations on the sovereign territory of Lybia, without a declaration of war. Yesterday was the 60th day. Neither the Congress or the Senate has approved either the act of war he orchestrated or the continuation of the conflict. The law is specific. The president feels he is above that law and will challenge both the Congress and the Senate.
Holy Cats Batman! This guy is more fascist that Cheney.
Well folks, this looks like a good time as any to curb the Presidency, to bring this country back to sanity. No one man should have the power to declare the United States at war. Where was the compelling national interest on this one? Where was the threat? Be very glad he didn't decide to be the first to use the "Football". What would stop him? Your Congressman? Your Senator?
Like I said, how do you like the "Change"?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just watched the helicopter gun camera footage with radio transmissions dealing with the killing of twelve Iraqi civilians and children. WTF! I know the rules of engagement. They sure as hell weren't observed here. If you don't know who or what someone is and they are not threatening you or yours, you sure as hell don't kill them just because they are there and vulnerable.
The radio transmissions makes the helicopter crew sound like cowboys enjoying what they were doing?
The army, in violation of American FOIA law, had refused to release the footage to Reuters News, the employer of two of the dead Iraqis, both of whom were working journalists.
Now, with the release of this footage on UTube, the world gets to see the unadulterated truth of the incident. Too bad it has cost the person accused of its release, Pvt. Bradley Manning, his freedom. He is presently in a military prison in Kuwait.
The footage and related radio transmissions are on .
What the hell are we doing in Iraq?

Friday, April 22, 2011

I stand corrected on the last post.

Despite statements to the contrary by Commander In Chief Obama earlier, the Secretary of State Hillory Clinton today stated that United States Armed Forces were still carrying out 25% of the air strikes in Lybia, supporting the Anti-Kaddafi rebels. Guess that means that we're still killing Kaddafi civilians in the attacks on Tripoli? She also stated that American forces were now using at least two predator missile drones in support of that mission. How heroic! Shades of Pakistan and Mexico.
Tell me again, when does the War Powers Act come into play? When will our Congress and Senate have to vote to approve this undeclared war?
Isn't it time to remove the President's right to declare war on anyone without the approval of the Senate or the House of Representatives. Ronald Regan's, both George Bushes's, and Barack Obama's undeclared wars are all the justification one should need. Maybe it is time to ask the American people. Novel idea.

McCain has his boots on the ground in Lybia?

John McCain, who in the opinion of this writer, has long outlived his usefulness as a Senator representing Arizona and who has run out any debt he was owed by this country for his history as a prisoner in that other ill fated and undeclared war is still the sadly deluded ancient war hawk trying to relive what he thinks is his glorious history.
He landed in Benghazi, Lybia yesterday to get a feel for what was really happening on the ground in Lybia, putting his entire entourage at risk, even though his Commander In Chief, Obama, has disengaged all American combat forces from that conflict and has left the mopping up of the illadvised and undeclared war against Moammar Kaddafi to Nato, now that it is deteriorating into attacks on Moammar's civilian centers.
It's not our war anymore John! Will someone please tell this doddering old man to go home?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

New claims against Kaddafi.

To justify the United States undeclared attack on Moammar Kaddafi, the Harpy (Hillory Clinton) is now proclaiming that Moammar used and is using cluster bombs against his people. Sorry Hillory, you need to get the lies straight. Aircraft are required to use that type of ordinance. Last time I read anything about Kaddafi's air force, our conquering heroes declared it had all been destroyed in the first days of our undeclared stealth attacks against his airbases. No planes, no bombs. Simple. Fire your military advisor.